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We regularly host events, both private and public. This calendar shows upcoming events. To book an event please visit the booking page.


Special Events at the Museum

6th Annual

Remembrance Day:

Virtual Ceremony

Saturday, Oct. 10 | 11:00am

The Champaign Aviation Museum hosts the Annual Remembrance Day Ceremony to honor all U.S. Army Air Corps and U.S. Army Air Force Veterans who served in World War II.  Relatives and friends can honor their service men by participating in the ceremony and reading the Veteran's name and military service record.  These names will be entered into the museum's Hall of Honor, and will be a lasting tribute to the WWII Airmen who served in the Army Air Corps/Army Air Force.  The Hall of Honor is a permanent part of the Champaign Aviation Museum and will fly with the B-17 Champaign Lady wherever it goes.  


This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Remembrance Day Ceremony will be held virtually and broadcast live on YouTube to minimize the crowd size inside the museum.    Friends and family members of USAAC & USAAF Veterans are invited to attend the ceremony at the museum and read the Veteran's military service record into the Hall of Honor.  We ask that all audience members who aren't participating in the ceremony to please stay home

and watch on YouTube.   


If you're unable to attend the ceremony and would like to honor a USAAC or USAAF Veteran, you may print and complete the form and mail it to the museum by October 7.  We are proud to honor your Veteran on your behalf and enter their name into the Hall of Honor. 

Their names will not be forgotten.

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