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2024 Remembrance Day Ceremony
Event Date T.B.D.

The Champaign Aviation Museum (CAM) hosts an Annual Remembrance Day Ceremony to honor all U.S. Army Air Corps and Army Air Force Veterans who served during World War II. Relatives and friends can honor their service men and women by participating in the ceremony and reading the Veteran's Name and Military Service Record.  Their names will be entered into the Museum's Hall of Honor and will be a lasting tribute to the WWII Airmen and Women who served in the Army Air Corps/Army Air Force.  The Hall of Honor is a permanent part of CAM and will fly with the B-17 Champaign Lady wherever it goes.  

Their names will not be forgotten. 

If you would like to honor a WWII AAC/AAF Veteran, click the Remembrance Day Form button above and print the form.  Complete the form with as much information as possible and bring it with you to the ceremony.  Arrive by 10:30am for check-in. 

If you're unable to attend the ceremony, you can complete the form and mail it to the Museum.  We are proud to honor your Veteran on your behalf and induct their name into the Hall of Honor.  

Hall of Honor 2015 - 2023:

Guidelines for Presenters

We consider it a privilege to receive the name of your loved one or family member into the Champaign Aviation Museum Hall of Honor.

The following guidelines should assist you in the presentation of your Veteran’s name and at the same time respect the time that is available to all participants during our solemn ceremony.


  1. During the reading of names, you will be called to the Lower Podium (to the left of the stage) for your presentation.

  2. At the podium, a copy of your Veteran’s information will be available for you to read from.

  3. Please read only the items listed below:

    • Name of the Veteran

    • Date of Birth

    • Date of Death (age if living)

    • Rank achieved prior to discharge

    • Unit(s) during service

    • Duties, area of service, combat assignment(s)

    • Service medals, special commendations

    • Discharge date/location and career post military service

  4. Please stand behind the podium after reading your Veteran’s information. We will pause for a moment of silence after each reading and the bell will ring to signal the end of your reading and to honor your Veteran.

  5. Unfortunately, there will not be time during the service to relate personal information or stories.  Tables will be available after the ceremony to display service items, photos, and memorabilia. Please use this time to share your Veteran's service history.

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